Monday, February 21, 2011

Appropriately Serve

In my last post I used the term “appropriately serve” in reference to MISys’ objective relative to its end users. In this context, the term “appropriately” can have a variety of definitions. Each would necessarily reflect the perspective of either the end user or the software provider.

Having much experience as an end user of integrated software, primarily in a manufacturing environment, I can relate to all approaches. Also representing the software provider makes for interesting deliberations when an end user has an extraordinary request.

Searching for the right solution for all considered can go beyond the Customer Service team to Technical Support and Sales. Every effort is made to get sufficient input to meet the end user’s need as efficiently and satisfactorily as possible.

We do attempt to place ourselves in the user’s shoes with each interaction. If we were calling regarding the integrated system that we use, what interchange would we appreciate?

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