Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Is customer service an archaic concept?

It would seem so in many situations. I’m sure that most of us get to experience some sort of “customer service” daily. Usually, we think of the term in the positive. As in, being served is a positive experience. However, in recent years, I’ve heard much discussion about the concept being dead since it’s not often that our interactions as a customer are especially positive events.

Some companies are making an effort at providing favorable service. These transactions stand out in my memory. …which suggests a lack of frequency. I hope that the recognition that the customers pay the bills becomes widespread.

Returns, sequels and reruns are not always appreciated. However, a return to making business transactions positive experiences for the most part would be most welcomed. At MISys, this is a return that we’re committed to help bring about.

Being responsible for Customer Service here, I’m very sensitive to how I’m treated in all of my transactions. MISys will be one of the forerunner companies of what I hope will be a trend.

To facilitate that, I am on a continual search for best practices. Exploring my findings and the actions we’re taking to appropriately serve those who have transactions with us will be reviewed in future posts.

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~sheri~ said...

Beautiful...and exactly my thoughts as a business owner dedicated to exceptional service; not just to our customers, but our vendors also. We all reap what we sow. We strive for a a loyal group of associates that all are vested in our success as a business.

We are looking into buying MiSys as our current software is full of bugs and is the antithesis of being user friendly. It has taken months to iron things out and the software manufacturere is not making us feel taken care of. I think, if we're able to financially make the move to MiSys, that those won't be issues anymore.