Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Webinar Series: Essentials of Integration With Accpac version 6.0

We have just finished a series of four 1-hour webinars focusing on the integration between MISys Manufacturing SBM and Sage ERP Accpac version 6.0. The topics were:

Integration with Accpac General Ledger 6.0

After creating a chart of accounts for MISys Manufacturing to use and exporting those accounts to Accpac General Ledger, we created a number of stock transfers and examined the journal entries resulting to better understand the function of the manufacturing subledger. We performed a MISys Period End and tracked the manufacturing subledger entries into a corresponding Accpac GL Batch.

Integration with Accpac Accounts Payable 6.0

We enabled the PO Invoicing function in MISys and received some material on a purchase order in the sample data. Pretending we had just received an invoice for this material, we invoiced the PO in MISys and followed the transaction all the way to an Invoice Batch in Accpac Accounts Payable 6.0.

Integration with Accpac Inventory Control 6.0

Following a discussion of the reasons why manufacturers should segregate their finished goods inventory (managed by Accpac Inventory Control) from their raw materials inventory (managed by MISys), we experimented by performing a number of Sales Transfers that moved inventory back and forth between manufacturing and sales. We finished up by completing a work order and transferring the resulting material to sales.

Integration with Accpac Order Entry 6.0

We wrapped up the series by exploring three different ways MISys Manufacturing responds to sales orders created in Accpac Order Entry version 6.0. Highlighting the session with a look at the Material Requirements Planning module, we created a sales order for 5,000 desk lamps due to ship next Christmas and with just a few clicks, we planned the required purchasing and production activities.

Streaming Videos Coming…

Because a number of Accpac users and business partners were not able to attend every session of this series, we have agreed to publish four streaming videos for the covered material. Keep an eye on the MISys website at for links to these instructive videos.

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