Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ferret Day

The MISys offices are closed today due to the severe blizzard affecting most of the eastern half of the country. We are disappointed not to be able to participate in the annual Ferret Day celebration that is being held in downtown Woodstock today. You may not have seen coverage of Ferret Day on CNN this morning, but here is the scoop:

Each February 2nd, Woodstock dairy farmer Abner Hasbro, invites locals and visitors to join him at 7:00am when he coaxes his pet ferret Ferdinand out of his burrow for a sniff or two of the crisp Vermont air. As tradition goes, if Ferd the Ferret sees his shadow, we are due for 12 more weeks of winter. On the other hand, if Ferd doesn't see his shadow, winter will be over in just 3 months. This morning there was at least of foot of snow covering Ferd's burrow, and when he finally tunnelled up to fresh air, there was no sun to be seen. So it's official: winter in Woodstock is due to end by the first week of May.

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